“Stuck in a Rut” with your Online Dating? 

Do you seem to attract the LOVE DUDS online instead of Quality Men?  

Have you “almost given up” on finding a Soulmate “LOVE HERO” because you are over 40/50?  

Would you like more Confidence, and a proven step-by-step system to win at Online Dating?  

You Are Not Alone

I understand because I was once like you. 

Divorced and alone after 50 I felt (like many of my clients) that:  

  • I had left it too late for a second chance at romantic love. 
  • That men over 50 “wanted young nubile women” and not women my age. 
  • That all the good guys were married or unavailable.  
Caryl Blue Scarf

The Dragons of Fear, Doubt, Uncertainty breathed flames into my heart that almost destroyed my dreams before they started. Worst of all I felt “shame” for having to “pay” (even a Dating Site) to meet men and hope to find Love. I desperately wished for someone who had walked the online dating journey before me to allay my fears; hold my hand with compassion; promise me I was going to be okay. I persevered for 5 long years - starting - stopping - restarting. Swimming in the vast sea of online dating without a comforting lifejacket was daunting.  


  • I was attracting and dating QUALITY MEN
  • I easily spotted and said “No” to the Love Duds and Love Villains
  • I was feeling fabulous - and having FUN
  • I was loving my life and work 
  • My CONFIDENCE sky-rocketed 

And then I met MR RIGHT 

- and we were married a year later. 

Nick and Caryl


I applied the tools and energy psychology techniques from my training as a Break Free Goal Success Coach to:  

  • Online dating 
  • Attracting quality men and love  
  • Manifesting dream dates (and eventually my Soulmate)  

THE RESULT? I called in my Soulmate “Love Hero” to make my dreams come true. At the same time my coaching exploded with... A stream of women asking me to help them “break free” to go from Single to Soulmate.  

THE RESULT? A boat-load of “happy-ever-after” success stories. Now it’s YOUR turn! My greatest passion and super-power is showing midlife women how to break-free and: 

  • Go from stuck to soaring  
  • Mess to Success, living the juicy life of their dreams  
  • Single to Soulmate Love and thriving relationships  

That’s why I created my new Single to Soulmate Love Program:  

6 Steps to Online Dating “Soulmate Success” Step into your Confident, Sassy, “Siren” Self to Magnetize Mr Right

During 6 Steps to Online Dating “Soulmate Success” you will:  

  • Release the Dragons of Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty which have been crippling your confidence and approach to Online Dating  
  • Gain Clarity on What you Don’t Want – so you can spot and dump Love Duds  
  • Boost your Manifesting Powers and tell the Universe exactly What you DO Want - aka your Love Hero 
  • Learn daily Law of Attraction Love rituals
  • Create a Belief/Vision Board or Love Journal
  • Revamp or create your Dazzling Dating Profile 

Plus you also get…  

  • Weekly Group Q & A calls on Zoom with me Caryl Westmore with “hot seat” coaching  
  • A private Facebook Group where you get inspiration, FB Live teaching from me and loving support from others in the group  



Soulmate Love - and Prosperity!  

“Working with Caryl I was able to leave my abusive toxic marriage, fall in love again (with my Tango Dancing Partner) and manifest the job and prosperity salary of my dreams. She is like an Angel of releasing and manifesting - I can’t recommend her highly enough.” 

~Annemarie Ziehl, Germany  


Met The Love of My Life  

“Thanks to Caryl, I finally achieved my goal to meet the partner of my dreams and am deeply in love. Before I committed to coaching with Caryl, I was fearful I’d be alone forever, stuck in past heartache and pain from the breakup of a previous long term relationship. Caryl helped me clear inner conflicts and negative beliefs with EFT-Matrix Reimprinting plus her special intuitive approach to love and relationship coaching.”

~Karin van Baelen, Belgium 

Q What’s Different about your method compared with other courses available? 

A My course is based on countless clients I’ve coached in Break Free Love Success sessions PLUS my own personal midlife online dating success story - practical tips of what didn’t work - until it did and I met my Soulmate! Unlike many Love Coaches who talk mainly about Mindset and Skill Set…with me you go really deeply into the part of you (the “Emotional Brain”) that stores trauma and Love Blocks. I help you BREAK FREE and re-program yourself for success in love - and life. You are instantly on track for rapid results and LASTING TRANSFORMATION.  


“Heal Heartbreak and your invisible Heart Wall blocks to Soulmate Love.” 

This powerful Program also includes personal 1:1 time with me - a Bonus Coaching Package to help you feel safe enough to remove the Heart Wall (or Love Shield) blocking love from finding you. (Value $650) “5 Steps to a Dazzling Dating Profile”  

Turn your Profile from blah to tasty and “scroll-stopping”. 5 Videos and Worksheets to help you infuse your Dating Profile with fun and positivity and to “tell a story” with your photos and content that doubles or triples your previous response rate from quality men. (Value $197)


If, after joining the Program and participating fully for 7-10 days you decide this is not for you (you don’t like my accent, face or teaching style - OR ANY OTHER REASON) then you can ask for a full refund - no questions asked - and keep the Dazzling Dating Profile Bonus!

Mother and Baby

TESTIMONY: Clara (35): From Single to love - and a baby “So grateful I found Caryl who helped me with her BIG heart and loving kindness, humour and eloquence to make me feel nurtured and completely supported. Before I found her I was plagued with negative beliefs and images that I would never find love or be a mother (my deepest desire). She helped me break free from my “Heart Wall” patterns of trauma and pain keeping me stuck. Within a year I met my partner and now have a wonderful baby daughter. Thank you Caryl, you truly are a blessing!” Clara T, Australia.  

Caryl Office

About Caryl Westmore Single to Soulmate Love Coach Caryl Westmore has 20+ years expertise as an EFT-Matrix Reimprinting and Law of Attraction Goal Success expert. She is the author of several best-selling Amazon books including Online Dating Success Secrets for Women 40/50+ Attract your Love Hero, Dump the Love Villains, Like I did!  

Caryl and Joe

Dr Joe Vitale (right) Star of “The Secret” wrote in the Foreword to Caryl’s book: “You Can Break Free Fast EFT Tapping”: “Caryl is like a Fairy Godmother waving a wand to show you how to tap into the secret of your own healing powers.”